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LEGO Workshops

Summer Camp with LEGO, fun and purposeful Learning!

Occupy your child summer time with high quality

educational and entertaining program.

The Young Engineers Summer Camp with the LEGO Bricks Challenge will expose your child to the world of science in an entertaining way. We are preparing the minds of our Young Engineers for the future without the Young Engineers even knowing. During the summer camp we are going to construct a lifting equipment like the crane and the kids are going to be in a group of three, in this way we will enable them to develop leadership skills and team spirit, we are going to construct the Conveyor belt, Race Car, Amusement park rides, Washing Machine etc.

The summer camp is designed to provide solid STEM knowledge to young children. We are teaching instead of babysitting!

Activities include STEM LEGO project, outside playground, games etc

  • Week 1-Mon July 23- Fri July 27
  • Week 2-Mon July 30-Fri August 3
  • Week 3-Mon August 13-Fri August 17
  • Week 4-Mon August 20-Fri August 24
  • Week 5-Mon August 27-Fri August 31

Rate & Time:

$299 per child, $20 off additional child (friend or family)
Drop off 8:30am | Pick up 4:30pm

Location: “The Village at RMC”,4039 Brentwood Road NW
Calgary, Alberta, T2L 1L1



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